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We Are...Portraits of Metro Riders By Local Artists

Union Station Passageway Art Gallery

We Are…Portraits of Metro Riders by Local Artists celebrates the diversity of Los Angeles County and community of transit riders through portraits of Metro riders presented throughout the Metro system and online. Each rider portrait has a story that is personal and universal, intimate and immediate— a single story among the many stories of 840,000 daily riders on Metro, and each told by an artist with ties to neighborhoods served by Metro. Featuring thirty-five new artworks in the Union Station Passageway Art Gallery and additional artworks in an online gallery, the multi-site exhibition and series of events is presented by Metro Art in collaboration with Metro’s Office of Civil Rights, Racial Equity & Inclusion and Communications departments. The exhibition is on view in 2022.

Featured artists in the Passageway Art Gallery are Aiseborn, Eric Almanza, Kristina Ambriz, Jazmine Atienza, Susu Attar, Christen Austin, Moses X. Ball, Daniel Barajas, Chelle Barbour, April Bey, Javier Carrillo, Carolyn Castaño, Gregg Chadwick, Sean Cheetham, Cat Ferraz, Carla Jay Harris, Alepsis Hernández, Bodeck Luna Hernandez, Lanise Howard, Bryan Ida, Sheila Karbassian, Kaylynn Kim, Miles Lewis, José M. Loza, Cody Lusby, Rosalind McGary, Samuel Pace, Maria Piñeres, Adele Renault, LP Ǽkili Ross, Carlos Spivey, Edwin Ushiro, Dave Van Patten, J Michael Walker and Angela Willcocks.

A selection of 10 images is below. The full online gallery can be viewed on the Metro Art website.

**Click HERE to view online gallery.

Image Guide:

1 - Javier Carillo - Jose Carrillo, El Taquero

2 - Bodeck Luna Hernandez (Bodeck Luna), Legacy

3 - Bryan Ida, Devon

4 - Rosalind McGary, Keep Going

5 - Sam Pace, The Poet

6 - Maria Piñeres, Leo

7 - Carolyn Castaño, Traveler

8 - Miles Lewis, A Walk and Talk

9 - April Bey, Working 5–9 in the Middle of a Global Panoramic

10 - Susu Attar, Self Portrait with Ancient One


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